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Gita says: Shraddhavan labhate jnanam (The persevering seeker secures wisdom). This means that without perseverance and earnestness, no success can be achieved. You must develop interest and devote attention to the path shown by elders and to the knowledge taught by scriptures. You must pay heed to what the elders say. If you have no earnestness (shraddha) you cannot achieve anything, despite your worldly qualifications. - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Your commitment and service is very impressive. Thank you for delivering the order before time and understanding my need to have the book by weekend. “The talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi’ is a gem of a book and I am so happy to have it. You have a good collection of books and I would definitely be using your services in future.

Thank you again & Keep the good work going!

Wasim Haider

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1410, 2016

Sri Thyagaraja – The Musical Legend of all times

Thyagaraja- The musical legend of all times In the history of Carnatic classical music, 18 th century is known as the “Golden Era”. Thyagarajaru is popularly known as one of the three legends of Carnatic classical music (Sangeetha trimurthigalu). The other two being Shyama Shastrigalu and Muthuswamy Deekshitharu. Thyagarajaru was not only an unparalleled composer of Krithis but was also an exquisite singer and a vainika. He was born on 4 th May 1767, in Thiruvayyur in a humble family. Even today ‘Thyagarajara Aradhane’ is celebrated all over South India to commemorate the day when the saint attained Samadhi.In Thiruvayyur, [...]

2908, 2016

“Karma” and “Free will”

I have a question related to "Karma" & "Freewill". Would like to understand about the relation between them in detail because based on my understanding, if we are driven by Karma then Freewill cannot exist & vice versa. Request you to please shed some light on this..Thanks - Deepak RN, Bangalore AJ: Dear Deepak, Thank you for your question. It is indeed very interesting. 'Karma' is what happens to us or is happening to us. Our experiences as we go about our life are our 'Karma'. How we respond to what life offers is our 'Free will.' Based on our [...]

1508, 2016

‘Vijayee bhava’- Your companion on the path to success

It is my immense pleasure and privilege to be writing a review on this spiritual masterpiece. Vijayee Bhava has 7 hours of play time which includes 10 albums, a total of 70 bhajans by Guruji Viswanath performed by renowned Classical Singers Smt. Srividya Ramanath, Sri Sriram Parthasarathy. These Bhajans were an extempore rendition by Sri Guruji Viswanath during his satsangs and the department of Music, Manava Seva Kendra has reproduced the same. […]

Touch your SOUL
If you seek God with your whole heart, then you may be assured that the grace of God is also seeking you
Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi, Ramanasramam
The most dynamic thing in life is to discover yourself
Swami Ishwarananda Giri, Samvit Sadhanayan Trust
Life should become a process through which the self is fully revealed.
Sri Guruji Viswanath, Manava Seva Kendra
Man has freedom already, but he will have to discover it. He has it, but every moment forgets it. That discovering, consciously or unconsciously, is the whole life of every one.
Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Mission
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