‘Vijayee bhava’- Your companion on the path to success

By Swathi Mohan

It is my immense pleasure and privilege to be writing a review on this spiritual masterpiece.

Vijayee Bhava has 7 hours of play time which includes 10 albums, a total of 70 bhajans by Guruji Viswanath performed by renowned Classical Singers Smt. Srividya Ramanath, Sri Sriram Parthasarathy. These Bhajans were an extempore rendition by Sri Guruji Viswanath during his satsangs and the department of Music, Manava Seva Kendra has reproduced the same.

Each album has a different message to convey. It starts with a brief explanation of what the album is all about, this helps in setting the right mindset. Also, it provides very clear information about many different aspects of god which helps you better associate with the Bhajans that follow.
Bhajans are simple to follow, if you are someone who wants to learn Bhajans this CD is the one for you! Once you hear the Bhajans, there is no way you will not start humming them without your knowledge! That is the beauty and simplicity of this collection.

Every album starts by invoking Lord Ganesha, as it is the usual practice. Then it goes on with Bhajans of different gods including Shiva, Murugan, Parvati Devi, Shri Rama and so on. And not to forget it also talks about importance of Guru in one’s life. Be it showering God with praises, engaging one’s mind to become one with God or seeking his blessings, it never fails to invoke the fond feeling for God.

Also it follows a wonderful pattern. When there are a series of Bhajans, which make you go deeper and deeper, sometimes the depth is so much that unknowingly tears are on the verge of rolling down. At that precise moment, the next Bhajan starts on an extremely happy note, with lots of beats which would make you want to dance in the glory of the Lord! It strikes a perfect balance between spirituality, emotion and bliss! This is the best part of the album.

Backed with the melody of flute, rhythmic beats and alaap (development of the raag), the Bhajans sound even more beautiful. The Sahitya (lyrics) is sure to make you go on a spiritual journey through which you start travelling on Jnana Marg and connect to yourself. They are in different Indian languages including Sanskrit, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. But personally I feel they are beyond language and never fail to touch the soul!

The album culminates with a bhajan called ‘Sarvam Premamayam’, which is like icing on the cake! It is the perfect way to conclude the spiritual saga which leaves you with thoughts of universal brotherhood and invokes feelings of love for the entire world, presence of love in everything you do! What a wonderful thought I must say! And you can be rest assured you would be filled with positivity once you hear this wonderful musical masterpiece and as the name indicates it leads you to success in every aspect.

This album would be a great one to start the day with when you are going on a long drive, trust me it will brighten your day! Also don’t forget to keep it in your car, it can be your ideal companion to De-stress and escape from all the tension around you! A calm mind is all you need to live a peaceful life in this fast paced world, and it helps you do just that! Play it at home and you will be surprised to see how the aura around you has transformed!

Come, taste this divine nectar!

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About the writer:
This review is written by Swathi Mohan. She is an art and music enthusiast, particularly interested in Carnatic classical music. Engineer by profession, she is also an amateur flautist and a freelance writer. She is based in Bangalore. She consults eganesha.in as a music journalist and brings the best of art forms through the portal. Readers can write to her on [email protected]


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