“Karma” and “Free will”

By Anuja Jacob

I have a question related to “Karma” & “Freewill”.
Would like to understand about the relation between them in detail because based on my understanding,
if we are driven by Karma then Freewill cannot exist & vice versa.

Request you to please shed some light on this..Thanks – Deepak RN, Bangalore


Dear Deepak,

Thank you for your question. It is indeed very interesting.

‘Karma’ is what happens to us or is happening to us. Our experiences as we go about our life are our ‘Karma’.
How we respond to what life offers is our ‘Free will.’
Based on our response, we create further ‘Karma’ for ourselves.

Now any response to a given situation is fine (here lies our free will). However how did we arrive at a specific decision is what determines the ‘Karma’ going forward. Were we in a conflicted state of mind or were we in stillness while we responded in a situation.
The experience will continue to manifest itself till we learn to be still in our minds while we respond.
The response per se, is incidental.

A soldier and a murder both take lives. However one does it calmly, in stillness, being non-attached.
One does it in a state of fury, heightened passion and aggression. The respective ‘Karmas’ created will vary.

Please feel free to write for further clarification.
God Bless!

Anuja Jacob (AJ) is a certified life coach specializing in self awareness. She practises healing and avidly follows spirituality! An Urban Planner from the prestigious IIT, AJ was leading Sales with a Global Major. She lives in Bangalore, India. AJ is very passionate about people whether in solitude or at party and is intrigued by the way people perceive their lives and live it. You can read hear blog at https://isyourcolourblue.wordpress.com/

We at eganesha profusely thank AJ for taking time and answering the questions on soul point!


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