9 Kritis on Navaratri

By Swathi Mohan

Navaratri, one of the biggest festivals of our country which celebrates the supreme power of Goddess Durga in different forms. It also signifies the victory over evil. As the celebration goes on for 9 nights, ‘nava ratri’, people from different parts of the country have their own ways to observe the festival.

Festival is filled with lots of colours, various delicacies, family and friends coming together. Why not make it more beautiful by making some soulful music a part of the celebration?

Here is a bouquet of 9 beautiful kritis you can listen to during Navaratri:

1. Jagadabhi Rama Shri Rama- Vijayeebhava
Navaratri also celebrates the victory of Lord Shri Ram (goodness) over evil.
This is my personal favourite! Listen to this song at whatever time of the day, however your mood is , I bet that you will find a new definition of ‘soothing!’. It invokes a deep emotional connection with Lord Shri Ram.

2. Maamavatu Shri Saraswathi- Mysore Vasudevacharyaru
Saraswathi is the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, art and learning. This krithi is a masterpiece in Hindola Raaga. The composer calls Goddess Saraswathi as the bestower of beauty to speech, can there be a better manifestation? . Saraswathi a form of Goddess Durga , is worshipped during Navaratri to be blessed with ‘vidya’

3. Himagiri Tanaye hemalathe- Muthaiah Bhagavathar
Himagiri Tanaye is a gem of a Krithi in Shuddha Dhanyasi Raaga. Composer praises Goddess Parvathi calling her the embodiment of bliss. A great composition to understand the limitless power of the Goddess.

4. Navaratna malika- Maharaja Swati Tirunal
One of the best Krithis you can listen to on this occasion is Navaratna malika, a compilation of 9 compositions in different raagas. I love the way the shift takes place so smoothly from one raaga to another. Dedicated to the Devi, they are sure to lift your spirits with their unique rhythm .

5. Vara Veena Mrudu pani- Appayya Deekshithar
A small and sweet krithi in the mohana raaga mesmerizes you through its simplicity. The raaga is one of the kinds which will make you want to sway along with it. It is sung in the praise of Devi .

6. Paalisenna muddu shaarade- Purandhara Daasaru
This composition is sure to touch your heart, given the fondness and love the composer has expressed towards Sharada devi. A popular composition , which will be an ideal choice to teach kids or sing in a gathering as it is so easy to learn.

7. Shri Mahalakshmiya alankarisi karedaru- Purandhara Daasaru
One of the unique compositions by Purandhara Daasaru, this krithi talks about the different accessories and jewelry of Goddess Lakshmi. The beauty of this Krithi is that you are not only praying to the Goddess but also to Lord Vishnu by remembering his different forms. You need to listen to this one to be able to appreciate it.

8. Tolu Tolu tolu ranga- Purandhara Daasaru
If you would like a composition for which you want to dance, on the occasion of Navaratri, this is the one! Listen to it now and I bet you will certainly want to leave your seat!

9. Jagadabhi Rama Jagadodharam – Vijayee Bhava
A beautiful composition which will soothe our senses and trigger positive vibes, help you conquer the negatives and move towards the positive.

I hope you enjoy listening to these compositions.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think. Happy Navaratri!


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