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“Karma” and “Free will”
By Anuja Jacob

I have a question related to “Karma” & “Freewill”. Would like to understand about the relation between them in detail because based on my understanding, if we are driven by..

Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help
By BS Murthy

“Bhagvad-Gita is the most beautiful, perhaps the only true philosophical song existing in any known tongue” – so opined William von Humboldt, who wrote seven-hundred verses in its praise. In..

Sri Thyagaraja – ..
By Swati Mohan

In the history of Carnatic classical music, 18 th century is known as the “Golden Era”. Thyagarajaru is popularly known as one of the three legends of Carnatic classical music..

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An Offering On Guru ..
By Aditi Banerjee

On the Guru-Shishya Sambandha (Relationship between Guru and Shishya) By Aditi Banerjee, [[email protected]] Originally Published in July 2013 on e-samskriti. reproduced here with due permission. ( William James once wrote..


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