yoga in daily life Book by Swami Sivananadayoga in daily life Book by Swami Sivananada

Yoga In Daily Life

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This book is a messsage from the great yogi of the himalayas to the helpless and bewildered seekers of truth. this inspiring and soul-stirringlittle volume will, we venture to say, undoubtedly contribute its mite to the moral and spritual perfection of the human race in general and the aspirants in particular .

As we wish to present this volume in as popular and a presentable style, it is printed on good paper and got up excellently well . if this book appeals to the broad-minded and expanded hearts amongst the religious reformers and also aspirants , the publishers ‘labours will have been sufficiently recompensed.’

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2018 12 TH Edition
Author: Swami Sivananda
ISBN: 817052055X

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