Vivekachoodamani of Sankara

Ramakrishna Math


A most valuable and lucid compendium of Advaita philosophy describing the transcendental knowledge of Brahman, and the way to achieve it through discrimination and meditation. Being an original production of Shankara’s genius, the whole book is instinct with the prophetic vision of a seer, a man of realization, and the expression is so lucid and poetical that quite a new life has been breathed into the dry bones of philosophical discussion, and that too, on this most abstruse subject.

Sankara’s Vivekachudamani is a popular Advaita Vedanta text which gives its basic principles.
Text comes with Sanskrit and English translation. A verse index in Sanskrit is included. See also Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination for a more western translation of this important scripture of Shankara.

Type: Paperback
SKU: RM0075A
Publication Year: 2015 2nd Reprint Edition
Author: Swami Madhavananda
ISBN: 978817505106

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