Viveka Chudamani (Tamil)Viveka Chudamani (Tamil)

Viveka Chudamani (Tamil)


Lord Raman is the one who has been in a state of dignity by death. He was interpreted as a reference to the spiritual doubts of the love of the souls of the Kurmurtham, the Vishapakshukku, from the Yogavasishthasam and Vivekachundamani.

In 1904, Bhagwan Ramanar Viveka Chudamani was formulated in the form of prose for the stupid reason for the formation of a detailed Ramanapadayya Sangam. Bhagavatam is the main doctrine of “I am Who” – a book that can be read as a lecture for the booklet.

Adi Shankara’s 581 Sanskrit Viveku Swadamani has translated the Swankas to the 662 Scriptures in Tamil. These songs are also adapted to the scripture in the Bhagavad Gita.

This book is the beginning of the teaching of the subject clarification; Anatma; Soul; Banda; Moksa; Pancakoca; Jivapramma; Aikya; Experience; Device; The topics are given as life-style properties.

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