vijayee bhavavijayee bhava

Vijayee Bhava Bhajans


The Ten Tenets for Joyous Living 

Easiest Way to Relax

Listen to the Call of Successful Life !!

Sung by Sri Sriram Parthasarathy and Smt Srividya Ramanath

These Nectarine Bhajans emanate a bounty of  ‘Divya Prema’ (Divine Love) with which Poojya Sri Guruji Viswanath revealed and gifted them to this world.

‘Vijayee Bhava’ a set of 10 CD audio albums is now re-released as a single digitally mastered MP3 audio of nearly 7 hours of playtime that includes 70 bhajans and 10 tracks of introduction to each of the original 10 albums, Sung and Orchestrated by the Department of Music, Manava Seva Kendra.

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