Vedartha Sangraha of Sri RamanujacharyaVedartha Sangraha of Sri Ramanujacharya

Vedartha Sangraha: of Sri Ramanuja

Advaita Ashrama

Sri Ramanuja wrote nine works in Sanskrit on the philosophy of Visistadvaita. of these, the Vedartha-Sangraha occupies a unique place inasmuch as the work takes the place of a commentary on the Upanishads… The work mirrors a total vision of the Upanisads, discussing all the controversial texts in a relevant, coherent manner. It is in fact an independent exposition of the philosophy of the Upanisads. Prof. M. Hiriyanna describes it as ‘an independent treatise explaining in a masterly way his philosophic position and pointing out the basis for it in the Upanisads.

Type: Hardbound
Publication Year: 2010 5th Edition
Author: S S Raghavachar
ISBN: 8175051183

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