ulladu narpaduulladu narpadu

Ulladu Narpadu

Sri Ramanasramam

In these forty verses, as the reader will observe, Bhagavan has touched on all the salient points of his teaching, constantly stressing the great value and efficacy of the vichara, or investigation into the nature of the investigator himself. All the Masters of the Upanishads maintain that man is not the elements out of which his body is made, but the mind, or intelligent principle,or being, which uses the body. That is the serene blissful Self, the absolute, second less Reality, which all are seeking consciously and unconsciously in
different ways – devious or straight, wrong or right – and of which the sadhaka endeavors to have a direct and full Knowledge.
The synopsis which follows not only gives the gist of every verse, but is also intended to help the reader to locate a specific subject. It takes the place of an index, which seems out of place in a small work like this.

Language:Tamil Shlokas with Kannada Translation

Original Tamil by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi (“Yaar”)

Translated to Kannada By: K.A. Narayanan


Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2014 2nd Edition
Author: K.A. Narayanan
ISBN: 9788182882034

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