Uddhava GitaUddhava Gita

Uddhava Gita

Advaita Ashrama

Sri Krishna gives in this text His parting instructions to devotee and follower Uddhava, shortly before departure from this world. These teachings in both English and Sanskrit form the main part of the eleventh book of the Shrimad Bhagavatam. Emphasized is the necessity of seeing the Lord in everything and living a life of self-surrender and non-attachment,are continuously emphasized. Krishna says… I have just explained to you,in a concise as well as an analytic way, the essence of the philosophy of Brahman,which is unintelligible even to the gods… Sri Ramakrishna always kept a copy of the Bhagavatham in his room saying … It is fried in the butter of knowledge and soaked in the syrup of love….

Language: Sanskrit Shlokas with English Commentary
Author: Swami Madhavananda

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2016 14th Reprint 2016 Edition
Author: Swami Madhavananda
ISBN: 9788178051159

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