Thoughts from the GitaThoughts from the Gita

Thoughts from the Gita

Sri Gnanananda Bharati Grantha Prakashana Samithi

This book is an exceptional summary and explanation of the wisdom contained in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the world’s greatest spiritual classics and a superb guide to inner life. While many have commented on the Gita, few combined fluency in English, deeply spiritual experience, and a lifelong grounding in the Vedanta tradition. Sri Jnanananda Bharati (popularly known as Sr. R. Krishnaswami Aiyar of Tirunelveli in his purvashrama) shares his valuable and practical understanding of the Gita. He was an uncompromising scholar who enjoyed the felicity of pen to put his views in beautiful English. His logical presentation of the various subjects discussed in the Gita will satisfy the minds of the young, who look for reasons for accepting the philosophical truths. This book is valuable both as a spiritual stimulator and as a literary work.

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Publication Year: 2015 1st Edition

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