Thiruppavai (Eng)


Andal also known as Kodhai/Godha was a saint-poetess the only woman among the twelve Tamil Azhvars (pronounced as ‘Aalwars’). Like Sita Devi she too wasa gift of Mother Earth having been found in the tulasi garden of her father. She is the author of the incantatory THIRUPPAVAI—a thirtyverse composition of high spiritual import in praise of Lord Krishna. It is considered as the essence of the Upanishads and its 29thverse the quintessence of it. This edition of ‘Thiruppavai’ transliterated into English and lucidly translated by Sri Vengrai V. Parthasarathy is an invitation to the reader to dedicate everything to the Lord and float in divine bliss.

Thus it is hoped that this book will be found useful by the younger generation and by those who do not know Tamil.

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