wonderous vigilancewonderous vigilance

The Wonderous Vigilance

Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning

Ramana stresses that unless one consciously destroys the mind through vigilant self-enquiry, one’s mind is bound to be on his trail. This truth is repeatedly dinned in the face of the deafening sound of falsehood and illusion.

What is one’s balance sheet at the end of each and every day, or should one say each and every moment, which we have lived in vain?

Underlying the unceasing flow of varied thoughts, there arises the continuous, unbroken awareness, silent and spontaneous, as ‘I-I’ in the Heart. If one catches hold of it and remains still, it will completely annihilate the sense of ‘I’ in the body, and will itself disappear as a fire of burning camphor.

Dr.Sarada puts this gently but insistently in all her articles, covered in this book. In Sarada’s writings, there is an underlying depth, which pins one to this essence rather than to be content with a sip or two of it.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2004 1st Edition
Author: Dr Sarada Natarajan
ISBN: 9781892310104

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