The Upanishads (4 Vols. Set) by Swami NikhilanandaThe Upanishads (4 Vols. Set) by Swami Nikhilananda

The Upanishads (4 Vols. Set)

Advaita Ashrama

With an introduction embodying a study of Hindu ethics, and also elaborate notes, comments, and explanations based upon the interpretations of Sankaracharya, the great eighth-century philosopher, and mystic of India.

These Volumes contain a translation of the 11 major Upanishads.

Please note that the verses in Sanskrit are not included (Not even English transliteration).

Volume I: Katha, Isa, Kena, and Mundaka Upanishads. Introduction containing a general outline of the metaphysics and philosophy of Hinduism.
Volume II: Svetavatara. Prasna and Mandukya Upanishads with Gaudapada’s Karika. Introduction to Hindu ethics.
Volume III: Aitareya and Brihandaranyaka Upanishads. With Introduction.
Volume IV: Taittriya and Chhandogya Upanishads. With Introduction

Type: Hardbound
Publication Year: 2019 3rd Edition
Author: Swami Nikhilananda

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