the technique of maha yogathe technique of maha yoga

The Technique of Maha Yoga

Sri Ramanasramam

This slim book is indeed a gem,a boon for sadhakas of Self-enquiry as taught by Bhagavan Ramana. Written in 1962 by a devotee who was for many years in the presence of Ramana and earnestly practised his teaching, this book, a first-class sadhakas’ manual,anticipates every question that is apt to arise in the mind of the practicant and answers them all in Bhagavan’s own words,mostly culled from Talks with Ramana Maharshi.

Every sentence in this book, written in an utterly simple,direct,clear,unpretentious language,comes out of the author’s own sadhana and experience of Bhagavan’s teaching. After reading this hard to put down book,the reader is sure to be convinced that Atma-Vidya, Self-Knowledge,as Ramana has assured us, is ‘easy,indeed it is easy’. However,Ramana has stipulated: One has to go inward and investigate the source of ‘I’ with a pure mind. So, what makes self knowledge difficult is the mind made impure by our vasanas, our latent tendencies.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2016 5th Edition
Author: N.R.Narayana Aiyer
ISBN: 9788182881525

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