the guru disciplethe guru disciple

The Guru and the Disciple


The first section of this book is a translation of Kapali Sastri’s Sanskrit Biography of Ganapati Muni, ‘vasistha Vaibhavam’ The portions dealing with the relationship between Ramana and Muni have alone been translated and included.

The relation between guru and a disciple has its own fascination. Here the beauty is heightened. Ramana’s way of guidance is unique, as it brings one’s focus back to self-enquiry and surrender and the Muni was a disciple worthy of such a guru being steeped in penance himself. The purpose of this book is to make available a fresh translation so that all could share the beauty of the relationship between an ideal guru and an extraordinarily endowed disciple.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2002 2nd Edition
Author: AR Natarajan & Dr . Sarada
ISBN: 9788185378703

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