the glory that is gitathe glory that is gita

The Glory that is Gita


In this CD “ The Glory that is Gita” , Swamiji talks about the prestigious ‘Bhagavad Gita’ . For those who have not read the Gita this serves as a true inspiration. As the name indicates he talks about the glory of Gita.

“Every time you see it / read it, you discover something new, something that enters into you and becomes a part of the limitless! “  He goes on to say that Gita and its several dimensions are limitless, one must experience it to understand it. An experience can only be experienced and not explained! Many times we feel that something is lacking and we are not complete, Guruji says that Gita is the one which delivers the fullness to us! Such is the power of Gita.

This discourse provides a wonderful platform to start understanding Gita, the way it is. Guruji says, “ Gita is the essence of all knowledge” .

He also throws light on the events in Mahabharata and how the Gita was born. Guruji beautifully explains the relevance of Gita even in the modern world by quoting true life incidents of renowned people. He takes us through a complete journey of how Lord Krishna delivered the Gita to how it is very much valid even after 100s of years.

This CD serves as a prelude to Gita. Even if you have read the Gita, listen to it this discourse to discover its new dimensions!

The CD has a play time of around 60 minutes, which also includes some Bhajans sung by Guruji

Swami Ishwarananda Giri is the founder of Samvit Sadhanayana Ashram at Mount Abu, Rajasthan, an institution dedicated to the revival of India’s ancient spiritual culture and the mystic tradition of Adi Shankara.

Presented by Samvit Sadhanayana, Santa Sarovara, Mt.Abu

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