The Essence of Vedas - Upadesha Saarah - 'Tattvabodhini' (Paperback)The Essence of Vedas - Upadesha Saarah - 'Tattvabodhini' (Paperback)

The Essence of Vedas – Upadesha Saarah – ‘Tattvabodhini’ (HB)

Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is the epitome of spiritual realisation. ‘Upadesa Sāra’ is one of the most comprehensive works of Bhagavan. It contains the entire teaching of the Vedas — karma, bhakti,upāsanā, prāṇa-vidyā and jñāna.

‘Upadesa Sāra’ means the ‘Essence of the Vedas’. – Sri Ramanacharanatirtha Nochur Venkataraman

This book includes the Sanskrit treatise ‘Upadesa Sāra’, along with Tattvabodhini, a Sanskrit commentary by Atmavidyabhushanam Sri Jagadeeshwara Shastri, a great scholar of Vedanta and one of the foremost disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

English rendering of the treatise and commentary, along with explanations and notes, is by G.Kameshwar.

This book is a Hardbound edition and is also available in paper back edition

Type: Hardbound
Publication Year: 2020 1st Edition
Author: G Kameshwar
ISBN: 978-81-88261-59-8

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