the art of meditationthe art of meditation

The Art of Meditation


5 Public talks given betwen 1969 and 1978.

Unlike most other religious teachers, Krishnamurti does not offer a method of meditation. On the contrary, he states categorically that meditation is not a practice, a system of prayer, or the repetition of a mantra. It is not learning how to concentrate or how to control thoughts; not is it a spiritual exercise undertaken at set times every day.

Meditation is a part of our ordinary existence, a state of awareness with which one meets life.

  1. Meditation is not different from Daily Life. (Talk in London on 23 March 1969)
  2. Find out what Meditation is not. (Talk in New Delhi on 24 December 1970)
  3. Meditation implies the ending of all conflict. (Talk in Ojai, California, 17 April 1977)
  4. The Art of Meditation. (Talk in San Francisco, 25 March 1975)
  5. Silence, That is not created by Thought (Talk in Brockwood Park, England, 3 September 1978)

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