that benediction is where you arethat benediction is where you are

that benediction is where you are

Krishnamurti Foundation of India

That Benediction is where you are consists of the last series of four public talks that Krishnamurti gave in Bombay, in February 1985. The talks are remarkable for the unusual perspectives and nuances that Krishnamurti offers on the psychological issues he deals with. There is a sense of poignancy in the substance and tone of the last talk, where he urges us to realize that we are wasting our lives by not freeing ourselves from our hurts, conflicts, fears, and sorrows, and by remaining in our narrow world of specialization. This freedom, he says, is the ‘first step’. The talk ends on a deeply religious note with his profound observation: ‘So, if you give your heart and mind and brain, there is something that is beyond all time, not in churches, not in mosques. That benediction is where you are.’

Type: Paperback
SKU: JK 030
Publication Year: 2009 3rd Edition
Author: J Krishnamurti
ISBN: 818732628X

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