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T Brinda – Bowing to Classicism


Tanjavur Brinda – a legend in her lifetime and a legend even today.

She was the seventh generation musician in a family of exceptional artistry. The ancestry of Brinda traces itself not just to her hometown of Tanjavur but to the royal courts, where her ancestors were greatly honoured as musicians and dancers of rare calibre.

This is the first ever graphic novel series on the lives of Carnatic music legends.
In just 24 pages the book gives a complete biography of the protagonist of the book.

The music of legends satiates the listener even as it kindles a desire to know more about the persona behind the art. Pictures of Melody provides insights into the lives of Carnatic music legends. Theirs are stories that inspire, that celebrate passion and hard work. Theirs are stories that are worth retelling as often as they are retold.

Pictures of Melody offers an invaluable experience for the melody driven.

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