swatmasukhi blissswatmasukhi bliss

Swatmasukhi(Bliss of the self)


Swatmasukhi,a commentary to ulladu narpadu is itself a profound work on Brahma Vidya. Authored by a blessed devotee of Sri Bhagavan, it is replete with deep insights, poetic outbursts and sweet anecdotes from Sri Bhagavan’s life.

Altogether it makes the seeker feel the direct presence of BHAGAVAN RAMANA. As the name suggests, it transmits the bliss of one’s Self to seeker.

As Bhagavan told a devotee when he prayed for grace, ” You chant the Ulladu Narpadu always. A time will come when the words will disaapear and the essence, the implied meaning alone will shine in your awareness as the experience.”

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2016 1st Edition
Author: Sri Ramanacharanatirtha,Nochur Venkataraman
ISBN: 9788182882485

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