swami sivanandara karmayogacharaneswami sivanandara karmayogacharane

Swami Shivanandara Karmayogacharane

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Swami Shivanandara Karmayogacharane is the Kannada Translation of Swami Sivananda’s “PRACTICE OF KARMA YOGA”

Practice of Karma Yoga has been prepared for the benefit of those who are intricately placed in life that they can not tread the path of renunciation or Sanyasa. Karma Yoga encourages one to develop all noble qualities such as cosmic love, endurance, nobility and Brahmacharya.

Language: Original English by Shri Swami Sivananda

Translated to Kannada By: Shri V.V. Kulakarni

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2011 1st Edition
Author: V.V. Kulakarni

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