Svakriya Svarasamrita Vol.01&02Svakriya Svarasamrita Vol.01&02

Svakriya Svarasamrita Vol.01&02

Shree Virajanandaji Maharaj

Swami Virajananda had originally written these volumes in Bengali, taking the material from Sri Ma’s own lips. The first 2 volumes are an introduction to the subsequent publications. Vol 1 is about Ma’s ancestral lineage, Her parents, and Her homes, along with a discussion about Her birth. The Vol 2 depicts Her entire childhood Lila, ending with Her entry into Grihastashram (Householder life) including a portrayal of Her unique seva there. In Vol 3 Ma reveals Her Svarupa. Throughout this volume, there is this revelation that in all the objectives of all sadhanas it is Bhagavan only in those forms. Vol 4 deals in detail with asan, pranayam, mantra.

Type: Paperback
SKU: MA004
Publication Year: 1983 2nd Edition
Author: Brahmacharini Kumari Chandan Puranacharya

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