srimad bhagavad gita ordinarysrimad bhagavad gita ordinary

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Ramakrishna Math

Sridhara Swami is the disciple of Paramananda Puri and his chosen deity was Narasimha, the fourth of the ten incarnations in the hindu mythology

The slokas are in Sanskrit and an English translation of the verses is provided. Sridhara’s gloss on the Gita adheres to the Advaitic position, but lays stress on Bhakti also. It is a simple commentary that helps the easy understanding of the text.
This book provides an economy edition of the Text, with all facilities for serious students to study the verses – these facilities being introductory summary of each chapter, the text in Devanagiri, its transliteration in Roman script, the prose order with word for word meaning in Roman script, running translation and annotations wherever necessary.

Type: Paperback
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Author: Swami Veerashwaranda
ISBN: 9788178234922

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