Sri Shankara Stotrani

Ramakrishna Math

The great teacher of Advaita Vedanta, Sri Adi Sankaracharya was equally devoted to God with form.
His literary genius was combined with his spiritual eminence and devotion found its expression in his hymns to various Gods and Goddess.

This volume contains, in Devanagari script, 65 extant hymns of the Acharya.

Hymns Include:
Ashirvachanam, Prakash kavacha, Ganesha Pancharatna Stotram, Ganesha Bhujanga Stotram, Gurvastakam, Guruvastakam, Maneesha Panchakam, Dakshinamurti astakam, Dakshinamurti Stotram, Dakshinamurti Varnamala Stotram, Subramanya Bhujanga Stotram, Shiva Bhujanga Strotram, Shivananda lahari, sivananda lahari, Shivakeshadi padanta varnam, Veda sara Shiva Stotram, Mrityunjaya Manasika Puja Stotram, Shiva Naamavalya astakam, Shiva panchakshara Stotram, Shiva Panchakshari, Kala bhairava astakam, Shiva panchakshara Kshatramala Stotram, Dvadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram, Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Stotram, Suvarna mala Stuti, Dashashloki Stuti, Uma Maheshwara Stotram, Ardhanarishwara Stotram

Devi Bhujanga Stotram, Tripura Sundari Astakam, Tripura Sundari Manasa Puja, Lalitha Pancharatnam, Navaratna Malika Stotram, Gauri dashakam, Bhavani Bhujangaprayata Stotram, Annapurna Stuti, Meenakshi Pancharatnam, Meenakshi Stotram, Saundarya Lahari, Soundarya Lahari, Ananda Lahari, Bramaramba astakam, Brahmaramba astakam, Kalyana vruististava

Panduranga astakam, Jagannatha astakam, Lakshmi Narasimha Pancharatnam, Lakshmi Nrusimha karunarasa Stotram, Hari Stuti, Vishnu Bhujangaprayata Stotram, Vishnu Shatpadi Stotram, Vishnupadadi keshanta Stotram, Kanakadhara Stotram, Sharadabhujangaprayata astakam, Ramabhujangaprayata Stotram, Achyutastakam, Krishastakam, Govinda astakam

Kashi pancharatnam, Manikarnika astakam, Gangastakam, Yamunastakam, Narmadastakam, Nirguna manasa puja, Pratah Smarana Stotram.

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