Sri Ramakrishna LeelamrutamSri Ramakrishna Leelamrutam

Sri Ramakrishna Leelamrutam (Telugu)

Sri Ramakrishna Math

 Sri Ramakrishna Leelamritham (collection of various forms and darshans)

How to live with God? How to love him? How to make a relationship with him? – These are the main themes of this book. This is the scripture that helps to portray the deities of Sri Ramakrishna and his human aspects on the psyche. There is no doubt that this book will be useful in many ways for everyone, especially every householder!

Type: Hardbound
SKU: RMTe035
Publication Year: 2017 2nd Edition
Author: Swami Jnanadananda
ISBN: 9788193387320

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