arunachala mahatmyamuarunachala mahatmyamu

Sri Arunachalam Mahatmiyam (Tamil)


Language: Tamil

Ishwara said:

I truly abide on earth in the form of an effulgence named Arunachala for (bestowing) the attainment (of Liberation).

Since it (this hill) removes the cruel heap of sins from all the worlds, and since bondage (runa) becomes non-existent when one sees it, it is (named) Arunachala.   – Skanda Puranam

The Arunachala Mahatmyam forms the main body of the text, is the Arunachala puranam as vignettes, translated by Sri J Jayaraman from the Tamil poetic work of Saiva Ellappa Navalar, often referred to by Sri Bhagavan.

Published by Sri Ramanasramam

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2012 5th Edition
Author: Sri Ramanamaharshi
ISBN: 9788182880825

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