Siva Yoga Gnyana ThiravukkolSiva Yoga Gnyana Thiravukkol

Siva Yoga Gnyana Thiravukkol (Tamil)

Tamizhi Publication
The deep meanings and secrets of this cosmic creation and the universe that were discovered by many thousand years of inner search and being passed on through India’s wisdomful lineage is proved by birth of so many saints here. One among them is Gnyaniyarkon Manikkavasagar.
This body which is seen as just flesh by common people is seen as the whole universe by Yogis and they use it as a boat to attain Yoga Siddhi. In the same manner, their sayings will seem to have particular meaning when it is read normally and the real esoteric meaning is realized when it is read in a Meditative state.
Till now, Manikkavasagar’s sayings are given meaning by seeing him as a Siva devotee. But actually, Manikkavasagar’s Sivapuranam holds the key to understanding how the soul (Seevan) is made as Siva (Sivan). That’s what this book intends to explain. By means of Tamil Siddhar tradition’s upadesa “Life force is Divine, This body is its Temple ”, it always emphasized to see the Divine within oneself and experience the supreme Bliss.
By means of this commentary brought out in a Meditative state, it is clear that within each of us, the Life force-Sivan is residing between the eyebrows at the center.
This book comes Siva Yoga Gnyana Thiravukkol from Author Sri Sakthi Sumanan as a next book based on his own experiences of Yogic Sadhana after his book Agathiyar Yoga Gnyana Thiravukkol that was well-received among many Yogic aspirants.
About the Author
Sri Sakthi Sumanan by his lineage having Agasthiya Maharishi as his Guru, given Gayathri Deekshai by Gayathri Siddhar Murugesu Swamigal of Gayathri Peedam in Nuverellia, and doing Gayathri Sadhana he stayed and served many years as Guru Seva being with him, then got Kowla Samprathaya Sri Vidya Poornabisheka from Vishakapattinam Devipuram Guru Sri Annapoornamba Sahitha Sri Amirtanandhanadhar. He is bringing out the Yogic meaning of Siddhar songs based on his experience and Meditative sadhana through his writings. By means of his writings, discussions he is sharing his knowledge and experience with many learning aspirants. He has completed his Bachelor and Master’s degree in Environmental Science. After serving as Associate Director in an MNC, in 2018 he resigned from the job to take up Organic farming and also doing research in it.
Type: Paperback
SKU: Misc014
Publication Year: 2020 1st Edition
Author: Sri Sakthi Sumanan
ISBN: 9789553644022

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