Shrimad Valmiki RamayanShrimad Valmiki Ramayan

Shrimad Valmiki Ramayan


Srimad Ramayana has the honorable reputation. Being the epic of Dharadham, this is the first literary parikrama of God’s Lokapavan character. In each of these verses, there is the divine fragrance of God’s divine qualities, truth, harmony, mercy, forgiveness, softness, endurance, seriousness, knowledge, power, intelligence, piety, gurubhakti, friendship, compassion, shelter-vatsalata. In the Tretayuga, Maharishi Valmiki’s Shrimukh, the Vedas, originated in the Shrimad Ramayana form, The belief of such a worldly world is such. Therefore, the Shrimad Ramayan has the honorable reputation.

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