Shrimad Ramayanamu (Telugu)Shrimad Ramayanamu (Telugu)

Shrimad Ramayanamu (Telugu)


Shrimadvalmikiya Ramayan is one of the world’s most remarkable classics and excels in its moral appeal. It is full of lessons for all and deserves to be read with interest by all lovers of healthy literature. It is noted for its poetic excellence and is the oldest specimen of epic poetry. It stands equal in rank to the Vedas.

This edition of Shrimadvalmikiya Ramayanamu Vachanamu has Telugu translation of original Sanskrit verses. Hard bound edition. Large size. With coloured pictures.

This book contains only commentary in telugu for all verses from the 3 set of Ramayana Printed by Gita Press. This book has been translated by Dr. M, Krishnamacharyalu and Dr. G. Venkataramiaha

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