Shrimad Bhagavadgeete GP718Shrimad Bhagavadgeete GP718

Shrimad Bhagavadgeete (Sadharana Tatparya Sahit)

Gita Press

The primary purpose of the author is to bring out the relevance of the Gita to the common man even in his everyday life. The Gita is not repository of recondite philosophy but, as the subtitle of the book shows(Jeevan Dharma Yoga), it is an intensely relevant guide to every man. The author steers clear of sectarian interpretations in the main body of the work, recognizes the pattern natural to conversation in the Gita, and expounds the great work as exploration of the nature of ‘Dharma’ which can guide, comfort, sustain and strengthen the individual.

Type: Hardbound
SKU: GP718(K)
Publication Year: 2019 28th Edition
Author: Keertanacharya Shri Lakshmandas Velanakar
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