Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)

Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)


1. Invocation; The panorama of the Malaya mountain and the hermitage of Parasurama; Sumedha (Haritayana) inquires Parasurama; Parasurama initiates Bala Mantra to Sumedha; Sri Bala blesses Sumedha in his dream; Prayer to Goddess by Sumedha; Sumedhas penance in Halasyaksetra; Arrival of Sage Narada.1
2. Concept of seer and the seen. Markandeya inquires Brahma about the essence of Veda; Brahmas prayer to Goddess Tripura; Tripura-rahasya communicated by Siva to Visnu and by Visnu to Narada and on the earth by Guru Dattatreya to Parasurama and by Parasurama to Sumedha; Sumedha blessed to write Tripurarahasya; Sumedhas earlier birth as Alarka; Sumedha writes Tripurarahasya.15
3. Greatness of Tripurarahasya; Haritayana narrates to Sage Narada; Birth of Parasurama; Triumph over Ksatriyas; Sri Rama defeats Parasurama.26
4. Parasurama meets an effulgent lunatic; The lunatic blesses Parasurama and reveals himself a Samvarta and tells him about Guru Dattatreya and guides him.37
5. Parasurama proceeds to Dattatreya; On the way he is pained and dejected seeing the sensory cravings of human beings and decides to seek enlightenment from Guru Dattatreya and reaches his hermitage.47
6. Dialogue between Dattatreya and Parasurama. Strange external behaviour of Dattatreya causes repulsion in many; But Parasurama is not deluded and seeks his tutelage and wants to know about the glory of Goddess Tripurasundari.57
7. Incomprehensibility of Goddess Tripura even by Brahma, Visnu and Rudra; Self-experience a way; Competition among Indra, Agni, Soma, Vayu and others claiming superiority; All gods meet Visnu and Siva for a solution; Goddess Tripura prayed by them appears. All gods except the Trinity become unconscious.67
8. Prayer to Goddess Trip

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