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Self Enquiry? Bhagavan Ramana Answers

Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning

Set of two pocket books containing answers for questions on ‘Self Enquiry’

Bhagavan was categoric about only a single proposition. It is that self-enquiry, an enquiry into the nature of the mind, is not only the straight path for Self-discovery, but is also the only path for it.

If Self-attention does not waver for a single moment, the consequent repose in the heart would itself be, karma (action), bhakti (Devotion) and the path of Gyana (Knowledge).

The first book covers the period from 1920 – 1935 and the second book covers the subsequent period between 1936-1950. In this period, seekers from all over the world, with varying backgrounds, had come to Ramana for his guidance. Because of this difference, the questions and the answers by Ramana are more elaborate.

There is a single thread running through the teachings of Bhagavan Ramana from 1900 to 1950. Be it his prose works, or poetic works, the underlying note or ‘shruti’ is that for uprooting of the ‘I’ sense in the body. For this, the on effective means is self-enquiry.

Published by Ramana Maharshi Center for Learning, Bangalore.

Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9788185378916
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