Scribblings ...on Matters 'Spiritual' By Mahesh HangalScribblings ...on Matters 'Spiritual' By Mahesh Hangal

Scribblings …on Matters ‘Spiritual’

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The Human Being has always been anxious to know the meaning of life, to realize his true nature, to attain the ultimate possible fulfillment.

These scribblings may perhaps trigger a process that might finally culminate, in what the human heart has always longed for – peace and harmony. The least they will do is help develop insights beyond ordinary perceptions. They could even be read just for entertainment or can simply be flipped through…

many have claimed that these mystical musings have in them an intrinsic ability to awaken dormant intuitive understanding. profound yet pragmatic, they hammer away at our basic misconceptions rendering the psyche free of all erroneous concepts.

From the profane to the sacred, the mundane to the mysterious, the seemingly trivial to the most fundamental, ger ready for a scrumptious serving of ‘ZEN’ish titbits. For all you know, this pithy little “book” could be the one you may have been secretly pinning to read.

“This is a delightful book to be kept like a vade mecum to be dipped into from time to time for entertainment, edification, and perhaps, why not, enlightenment. The author has a real flair for utterances which have an aphoristic quality.”

Type: Paperback
SKU: Misc015
Publication Year: 2018 7th Edition
Author: Mahesh Hangal
ISBN: 9789382788126

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