sandilya bhakti sutrassandilya bhakti sutras

Sandilya Bhakti Sutras

Ramakrishna math

All systems of Hindu philosophy have a sutra literature of their own and some darshanas have more than one sutra. Though the sutras of Narada Maharshi are the most popular Bhakti Sutras, we must not forget the Sandilya Bhakti Sutras. Indeed, the two complement each other. While Narada’s Sutras are Sadhana, or practice, oriented, those of Sandilya are of a more academic nature. The sutras of Sandilya are to the Bhakti doctrine, what the Brahma Sutras are to the Vedanta philosophy. With the bhasya, or commentary, by Svapnesvara, the book is a welcome addition to our catalog.

The book has the original sutras and the text of the bhasya in Devanagari with English translation of both. Detailed annotations are added by Swami Harshananda to amplify the basic but terse ideas contained in the sutras.

“The present edition is very welcome inasmuch as it sets out the text of both the sutra and bhasya in devanagiri and adds a very useful and scholarly English translation and commentary beside an informative introduction. The bhashya is indeed recondite in its own way using sastraic terminology, for above the reach of lay readers. The learned translation here brings it within the reach of one and all and is both accurate and elegant. the subtleties of the technical terms are lucidly explained in the notes.”  -Deccan Herald

Type: Paperback
SKU: RM0182
Publication Year: 2002 3rd Edition
Author: Swami Harshananda
ISBN: 978817907028X

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