ramayana divine discourseramayana divine discourse

Ramayana (Divine Discourse)


Summer Course in Indian Culture and Spirituality of 1996, Ramayana was the anchor around which Bhagawan developed his exhortations. The Ramayana is no doubt familiar to all of us, but Ramayana as told by Bhagawan has revelations hitherto not made and nuances hitherto not discussed.

This mp3 CD Contains 12 discourses given during the period 20-30 May 1996 at Brindavan. Enjoy the sweetness of a heightened spiritual awareness that will permeate your life.

Tracks include

  • Education and Immortality
  • Glory of Rama Thathwa
  • The Mission Commences
  • Prakriti marries Paramatma
  • The Abduction of Sita
  • The Search for Sita
  • The War Begins
  • The Supreme Devotion of Vibhishana
  • Ravana falls
  • Sita, the Embodiment of Purity
  • Rama Rajya, The Reign of Righteousness
  • The Hall marks of Humanity
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