Ramana's Arunachala Ocean of Grace Divine Sri Bhagavan's DevoteesRamana's Arunachala Ocean of Grace Divine Sri Bhagavan's Devotees

Ramana’s Arunachala Ocean of Grace Divine Sri Bhagavan’ s Devotees

Sri Ramanasramam

Ramana’s Arunachala. Ocean of the Grace Divine. A work of this kind is not a record of facts and details. What these book records are the experiences of devotees, sages, and saints who have left Arunachala in the hill, Arunachala in the temple, and Arunachala in Ramana. They live and breathe Arunachala as a mother would of her child or a lover of his beloved, not in measured terms, but in awed tones and with overwhelmed sensitivity. The reader is invited to join as a spectator of this love affair. The joy and delight the writers feel, the choking emotions they try to express here are sure to capture the heart of the reader making him long for these experiences. The divine is beyond thought. Yet He allows himself to be reflected in a sigh, a tear, a gasp, a look of wonder. This is what this book is. Long after the words are forgotten, the details erased from memory, one can feel inwardly the sigh, the tear, the gasp, the look of wonder and say, This is Arunachala, this is Ramana. This revised edition has almost a hundred extra pages.

Type: Paperback
Publication Year: 2012 6th Edition
Author: Sri Bhagawan's Devotees
ISBN: 9788182880306

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