periya puranamperiya puranam

Periya Puranam

Ramakrishna Math

The Tamil devotional classic Periya Puranam, or Great Purana, is the saga of the sixty-three Nayanmars, or servitors, of the Lord. Compiled during the 12th century by Sekkizhaar, this poetic account of the legendary lives portrayed here reminds us that saints appear to us from all walks of life. These Nyanmars are men and women of all ages, and range from tribal hunters to emperors of vast domains. Caste and community, wealth and status do not count with them, as they do not count with God. The trials and tribulations that the saints cheerfully undergo and the sacrifices they make are inspirational. To read their stories is to inhale the air of blessedness.

This major text of Saiva Siddhanta has been translated and condensed from the Tamil by the eminent Saivite scholar, G. Vanmikanathan.

Language: English

Type: Hardbound
SKU: RM 0155
Publication Year: 2015 6th Edition
Author: Sekkizhaar Translated in english By Vanmikanathan
ISBN: 9788178231484

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