Perfection Book by Guruji ViswanathPerfection Book by Guruji Viswanath


Manava Seva kendra
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The book “Perfection”, Gospel for New Age Generation is really mind blowing and thought provoking. The reader will achieve Silence and will look at this book through his eyes with a sense of reverence, awe and wonder.

A Precious Print Collection of Extempore Talks by Sri Guruji Viswanath. A must read for every one and the Best Guide for Spiritual Journey.

The fabric of the book is designed to help you, realise that even while living in the materialistic world and surroundings how a self study into the spiritual layer of awareness can make one live a complete life without any complaints and with total contentment.

This book features how one should act in this world every second to achieve success. Here the degree of success if felt internally with confidence and not judged by the worldly standards, for in the eyes of the world, the degrees of success is mathematically announced and the state of success is ever expensive. This is where this book helps you to experience success correctly and completely.

The reader will find his own story of life narrated in these pages, if he cares a little to see in these lines of messages. This book will act as a mirror of correction giving remedies to the errors in one’s life.

As the reader undergoes the journey of traveling internally through the help of this book, wisdom will become his consultant in all his activities.
“What else do you need, Oh reader?”. The day you complete reading this book doubts, commotions, tension, depression etc., will fly away from you, which will be replaced by belief, hope understanding and SELF – Discovery.

This book is available in Paper Back (PB) and Hardbound (HD)

Type: Paperback
Author: Sri Guruji Viswanath

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