Padamali By David GodmanPadamali By David Godman

Padamalai by Muruganar

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Padamalai¬†is a tamil work that contains almost 2000 teaching statements by Ramana Maharshi, none of which has ever appeared in English before. They were recorded by Muruganar, one of Sri Ramana’s foremost disciples, in two-line couplets.

David Godman, who has written several books on Ramana Maharshi and his disciples, has edited this English edition of Padamalai. He has arranged the teachings by subject, and he has added many supplementary quotations by Sri Ramana that amplify or explain the subject matter.

This is a completely new presentation of Ramana Maharshi’s teachings that contains many statements and ideas by him that have never appeared in any other book about him.

Type: Paperback
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Author: Muruganar; David Godman
ISBN: 9780971137134

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