Non- Dual ConsciousnessNon- Dual Consciousness

Non- Dual Consciousness – The flood tide of Bliss


What does the guru gain from the disciple? Nothing. For you cannot add to his fullness.

What does the discipline gain? Everything.

Ramana is a universal guru, accessible to everyone at all times. In this work, Muraganar, the Self-realised disciple of Ramana pours forth his experience of natural bliss, in raptourous, ecstatic verses in praise of his guru Ramana.

‘Ramana Anubhuti’ has been translatd by Robert Butler, UK. He was for some years the Librarian ins Sri Ramanasramam Centenary Library. During those years he mastered tamil. In some of the verses which needed further clarification, he has got it from a Muruganar Scholar, H.Vaidyanathan.

Type: Paperback
SKU: RMCL 0017
Publication Year: 2007 3rd Edition
Author: Robert Butler
ISBN: 9788185378711

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