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Slokas for Daily Routine – Prayers for your own swaasthya (over all well- being)

Ordained by Poojya Sri Guruji Viswanath to the benefit of mankind and published by Manava Seva Kendra, this book is a compendium of Mantras and Slokas which when recited generate positive Vibrations within ourself and our Surrounding.

It takes a few minutes, but yields amazing benefits.

This Book comes along with an Audio CD to help the listener chant with the correct pronounciation.

Expert Advice: Sri. Panchapakesa Shastrigal (Vedic Scholar)

Manthraas and Slokaas chanted in the audio CD: Sri Balasubramanya Sharma

We invite the reader not only to make the recitation of these slokas a daily practice, but also by the other family members (ESPECIALLY CHILDREN) and friends.

Type: Compact Disc

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