my lord the mysterymy lord the mystery

My Lord, The Mystery – Ardhanareeswara

Samvit Sadhanayana

“Parvati, Parameswara are intertwined like the uttered word and what it signifies. They form the Parental Pair of the World.

I offer myself to them, that I may enter into the meaningfulness of all that is” – prays  Kalidasa

The speciality of Ardhanariswara form is, it is not explicitly a dancing pose like natraja or weilding a veena like sarasvati or dakshinamurthy.

So here a sadhaka has to meditate and arrive at the implications and understand how the half Shiva half Shakti stands for Guru conveying knowledge. That form is not a symbol of physical forces of creation but of a spiritual process of enlightenment.Therefore, we have leaned heavily on Kalidasa’s stupendous expression “Vagarthaviva Samprktau”

Type: Paperback
SKU: SST 007
Publication Year: 2010
Author: Swami Ishwarananda Giri

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