My Days with Sri Ma AnandamayiMy Days with Sri Ma Anandamayi

My Days with Sri Ma Anandamayi By Bithika Mukerji

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Summary: The memories of a life-long devotee of Sri Ma Anandamayi. The book is a lively and engaging account of Sri Ma Anandamayi’s enigmatic personality from the point of view of a single devoted family. Description: It is an intimate and moving study of personal commitments. Sri Ma and her entourage of visiting dignitaries, princes, scholars, village women and children, and renowned ascetics assume a three-dimensional image. Richard Lannoy wrote in the Forward, the Book is a valiant attempt at closing the distance between the known and the unfathomable.

Type: Paperback
SKU: MA001
Publication Year: 2005 1st Edition
Author: Bithika Mukerji
ISBN: 8186569553

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