muzhumaiyaana vaazhu sezhumaiyaagamuzhumaiyaana vaazhu sezhumaiyaaga

Muzhumaiyaana Vaazhvu Sezhumaiyaaga Malara- (Tamil)

Manava Seva kendra

Published by Manava Seva Kendra, this book is a Tamil Translation of the books All you wanted to Know (Vol 2)….

Your Key to Achieve Newer Heights 

Dear Reader,

Never before and never again this history will repeat, the history of being contemporary to the unique universal individual called Guruji Viswanath in this planet earth.

All the questions of this world fall flat at his feet. The wisdome coming out of him is more than nectarine, ever flowing sweetly and ever lasting in the hearts of all of us.

We recommend you to keep this book in your pocket everyday and ask you to use it when you are in a happy mood or tense. The answers you get in response to your mood will be amazing and resolving all your question.

Type: Paperback
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Author: Sri Guruji Viswanath

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