Meditation Monks of the Ramakrishna order

Ramakrishna Math

A fine introductory book on the practice of meditation. Collected from the works of senior swamis with many years of experience in the West. — From the Table of Contents:Living the Mature Way …Before You Sit In Meditation …The Yoga of Consciousness …Lessons in Meditation …The Science of Mantra …The Repetition of the Name of God …The Trained Mind … The Way of Meditation.

Eight new chapters have been added to this third edition of a book which many have found helpful to the practice of meditation.

In this volume senior monks of the Ramakrishna order discuss methods of meditation as found in the Upanishads. as they show us, meditation is not so simple as some eastern teachers appear to indicate; nor is it as difficult as westerners sometimes suppose.

Most of the teachings were given first as lectures and informal discourses and the reader will see how directly, in some cases, they are addressed to the circle of listeners.

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Publication Year: 2014 Twentieth Reprint Edition
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