Mantrapushpam (Hindi)

Ramakrishna Math

This edition contains 18 Upanishats, Ghanapatha swara-marks on Ganapati, Shiva, Gayatri and Saraswati; whole Ishavasyopanishat with Ghanapatha swara-marks. In addition to these, 21 suktas, Rudraprashnah, Chamakaprashnah, Arunaprashnah with swar-marks are given. Samaveda Mantras and other 30 slokas (verses) are also added. Patanjali Yogasutrapathah has been rendered with swar-marks to facilitate the traditional way of chanting mantras. Together with this, Divya stotram section in this book contains 61 stotras on Gods and Goddesses. Thus the 9th edition of ‘Mantrapushpam’ in Devanagiri script is the well-known Vedic chanting book containing Vedic mantras with swara-marks including hymns & Prayers.

Type: Hardbound
SKU: RM A 015
Publication Year: 2013 9th Edition
Author: Swami Devarupananda

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